Thursday, December 18, 2014

Am I a victim of police harassment?

I've been stopped by the police 2.5 times (the 3rd time I was telling my husband what to do, so that gets a half although he was driving). It was always my fault, and I didn't argue with the police. Police have also come to the house when we called (burglary) and when a neighbor called (saw a strange car in the drive-way she didn't recognize). I called the police when there was a flasher in my library following young women around in the stacks and another time when a suspicious guy hung around a female employee at night. More recently, I took a cell phone to our local police which I found in my car that had drug messages on it (fell out of the pocket of someone who parked my car for me we found out later). I'm wondering now if I might have been a victim instead of being protected? (That's sarcasm.)

Jack Webb on being a policemen.

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