Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Do minorities not want safe streets and neighborhoods?

Harry Lewis comments:  “The Politico article about NYC Mayor de Blasio's current political troubles is revealing. The Democrats interviewed, including David Axelrod, repeatedly assert that because NYC no longer is majority white, a new paradigm of policing is necessary. So Democrats think racial minorities don't want effective law enforcement and safe streets? Instead, they want criminals coddled, and crime victims unprotected? This is condescension and cynicism rooted in deep racism and contempt for racial minorities.”

“De Blasio allies often point out that the city has changed since the days of Giuliani. Blacks and Hispanics are now in the majority. The so-called Giuliani Democrats have largely passed away or moved. The same coalition that elected Obama also swept de Blasio to an outright win in the 2013 primary, helping him avoid a runoff.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/bill-de-blasio-113755.html

At one of Ohio’s elite colleges, Oberlin, which admitted black students as early as 1835 when they must have been made of tougher mettle than today, there’s a movement to suspend the grading system for black students—I think it’s the trauma of all the recent protests (which have mainly been made up of the Occupy Wall Street crowd). That’s the left’s idea of being progressive.


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