Friday, December 19, 2014

Our protected victim classes are clashing

The left wing crazies are making it difficult to identify the protected victims!  A Muslim student at the University of Michigan is taken down for satire because he's a conservative. At Marquette, a Catholic university, a tenured professor was taken out for criticizing (in a tweet) the lack of free speech and discussion in the classroom of a female grad student instructor of a philosophy class (no tenure) who shut down a student (no first amendment rights) in an after class private discussion on gay marriage, accusing him of homophobia for believing the church's teaching on marriage which the university thumbs its nose at.  Wow.  You need a score card. Al Sharpton is attacking a female executive (there are very few) at Sony.  What if she turns out to be transgendered.  Would that trump Sharpton’s shakedown because of his race?

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