Monday, December 29, 2014

What would de Blasio tell Malik’s mom?

Gee, I wonder if de Blasio warned his bi-racial son about this, or are the police keeping his neighborhood safe for his kids?

“Sometimes he wants to go over to my sister’s house nearby, to hang out with his cousins, but he can’t because he has to cross gang lines and walk past all these gang members on some of those blocks. And all he ever hears on the news about our neighborhood is shootings, gangs and violence. Malik knows he’s not safe,” she said." (Chicago Sun Times)

I don't think Obama's letter to Malik will do much for the boy--" Please know your security is a priority for me in everything I do as President." He’s done nothing for blacks or Chicago in 6 years.  Instead,  Obama has invited race hustlers like Sharpton to the White House, and Eric Holder who thinks there are too many black criminals in prison is on his staff.

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