Sunday, December 07, 2014

Blacks and police—the myths, memes, and mistakes

Police community relations? Black victims are more likely than white to report crime, and 91% report the police came within an hour. Such careful attention to the needs of the black community since the outcries of the 1980s has resulted in saving many lives--mostly young black men. It also resulted in many bad guys being taken off the street--which makes Eric Holder angry.

The group most likely to be victimized by crime are not blacks (32.9 per 1,000), but American Indians (56.8 per 1,000) who have cradle to grave government supervision, health care, social workers, special police, many transfer programs, and reparations who mainly reside on land away from other groups. Victims of crime, regardless of race, are usually poor and urban. The myths and memes spreading with the riots encouraged by the administration will only hurt the very people Democrats claim to care about most.

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