Sunday, December 14, 2014



This is "Gaudete" Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent. In Latin, Gaudete is a positive command that means, "Rejoice!"  St. Paul tells the Thessalonians, "Rejoice always!"  As far as I can tell that’s not followed by an under the breath,  “except,” or “unless,” or “that’s too hard,” or even, “what about the terrible news today.”

“That's impossible, what he's saying is impossible, it can't be done,” you're right, from the human viewpoint. It is not natural. It is, however, supernatural joy, and that's the kind of joy we're talking about. We're not talking about happiness which comes from happenings, or happenstance, or because something just happens to be good. We're not talking about a shallow, superficial, emotional response to positive circumstance. We're talking about not a natural joy, but a supernatural joy. It is a joy at another level. It's a divine level. That is why it says in Galatians 5, “The fruit of the Spirit is love” – what's the second one – joy.” That is why in Romans 14 you have in verse 17 that marvelous statement that “the Kingdom is made up of joy in the Holy Spirit.” It is a spiritual joy. It is a Holy Spirit joy. It is a supernatural joy.”  Grace to You

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