Sunday, December 07, 2014

Landrieu—end of the Democrats in the South?


“The last time the Senate seat currently and temporarily held by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), who lost in a runoff race Saturday night, was held by a Republican was in 1883. When Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) takes over the seat in January, he'll not only complete the Republican sweep of Louisiana's state house and Senate seats, he'll move the Deep South one step closer to being completely red.”



I would not live in the South but I would suggest than you might consider a move there it appears to be just your kind of place they hate a lot of the same folksyou do

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hate, looks like you picked up a hater. She hates the people of the south.

Norma said...

A thought from another blogger: "I have a friend, a longtime friend of 30 years, to whom I have always been supportive and kind. She, on the other hand, has committed a number of non-friend offenses, going back to the early 90s when we both were at a law firm in Los Angeles. She couldn't understand why the other secretaries disliked her so much. Here's the clue - they disliked her because they liked me and were offended by her talking about me disparagingly behind my back!" Blogger Gayle Miller

It happens.