Monday, December 22, 2014

Susan Douglas vs. Donald Sterling


A University of Michigan professor, Susan Douglas, published an article and also tells her students in her classroom that Republicans are bad, she has the research, and she hates them.  She keeps her job at a state university supported by Republicans' taxes. Yet Donald Sterling, like Douglas a Democrat, who makes many black men wealthy with jobs as athletes in a private business tells his black mistress in a private conversation he doesn't want her hanging out with black men.  I’m guessing Tiger Woods didn’t want his white mistresses hanging out with black athletes either. For that Sterling loses his athletic team.

Which one has more influence on the minds of young people?  I'd say the professor. She has published five books on American history and I can only imagine the nasty slant. “She has lectured at colleges and universities around the country, and has written for The Nation, In These Times, The Village Voice, Ms., The Washington Post and TV Guide.” [her bio]  Not a single person was hurt by Sterling's racism, but Professor Susan Douglas maligned half the nation.


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