Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Using an exercise tracker on-line

Fellow blogger and Facebook friend Joan suggested this site for tracking my cycling. Can also use it for running or walking. "This site provides free online tools to encourage you to keep walking, running or cycling. It includes an exercise log to help you track your mileage. You can choose anonymous walking and running partners with your same goals and track their progress along with your own." Not sure I've figured out if it's easier than writing it down, but I think it's for someone's research. Looking at the log, I'm by far the oldest. Also, I only wanted to bike to Indy to see my sister-in-law Jeanne, but it has me going to the west coast. I’ve been tracking it, and I think I’m at about 35 miles, and it always shows me  a photo of where I am.

Today I had 5 minutes on a tread mill at a doctor’s office for an ABI test, to see why my right leg hurts (possibly PAD). It involves taking your blood pressure before and after exercise.  It wasn’t too difficult, and the technician was very nice, which is always a plus.  So I added the 5 minutes to my chart.


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Norma said...

I've now gone 35 miles (Jan. 1) in my plan to cycle to Indianapolis.