Saturday, December 27, 2014

Helman and the VA scandal

Oh my.  Do I really want to look into this expanded VA mess? It had all been swept under the table by removals and firings, and now Helman brings a law suit to get her job back, and someone unwraps the garbage. She couldn’t be blamed for the wait times, but could be fired for accepting improper gifts from lobbyists.

  • Sharon Helman was removed from her job after the Phoenix VA became the epicenter of allegations that veterans died while waiting to see a doctor
  • Judge also found Helman could not be fired because of the secret lists and long wait times, saying the VA did not prove that Helman was involved
  • House VA committee chair Jeff Miller said the ruling serves as a reminder that additional Phoenix VA employees must be held accountable
  • Dismissal was justified by acceptance of nine improper gifts from a lobbyist including airfare around the country and entry into amarathon
  • Other gifts were a trip to Disneyland for 'what appears to be six of her family members for an 8-night stay' and $729.50 for five tickets - and parking - to an August 2013 Beyonce concert
  • She continued to receive an $170,000 annual salary even though she was on administrative leave.
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