Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Seminar on DEI/DIE

 In his seminar on DEI/DIE James Lindsay mentions a post WWII training unit for the military to reduce discrimination and racial tension. It was pulled by 1950 because using the confess and confront style failed and caused more tension and racism. Unfortunately, Lindsay says, it's the very method that's been continued by today's grifters who call themselves the DEI/DIE experts.

The Marxist Roots of DEI - Session 2: Diversity - New Discourses

"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives have taken over the country, reaching into every aspect of our work, school, and lives. What is “DEI,” though? New Discourses founder James Lindsay explains the idea and its history in unprecedented depth in this new series from an in-person workshop in Miami, Florida, breaking down each of the three letters in detail. What we’ll find is that it’s a contemporary and managerial repackaging of socialism.

In this second episode of the series, following from his discussion of equity as (expanded) socialism, Lindsay articulates that “Diversity” initiatives are rooted in the goal of installing ideologically consistent political officers within organizations to effect and enforce policies directed toward achieving equity. These political officers, often called “Diversity Officers,” are in fact a rebranding of the older concept of commissars, who enforced socialism in the same way. Understanding Diversity in this regard is relatively easy, but how did we get here in America? The answer is bad judicial interpretation of Civil Rights laws that center “disparate impact” rather than intention as evidence of discrimination. Join James Lindsay as he walks you through the history and philosophy of the Diversity scam."

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