Sunday, February 12, 2006

2156 No, we do not need to see this film

Or read the book, for that matter.

"I just read a ludicrous statement by some Christian pastor, calling for all Christians to go to see The Da Vinci Code when it opens. His statement was something to the effect of "Every Christian needs to see this film!" I beg to differ.

No. We don't need to see this film. We all know what is in it. (Especially me, as I have read the screenplay.) It is a movie which begins from the point that Jesus was a fraud. He was not only not Divine, he was less than a man. And His Church is a sham association of meglomaniacal conspirators whose unifying principles are in the oppression of women." Barb at Church of the Masses.

Just say no. Vote with your non-ticket. Check out one of the 105 movies recommended by Sherri and stay home.

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