Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oops. Blogging is fattening

I had my annual physical this morning (actually it was for 2005, but I never made it in), and the doctor says everything looks good (he had to take my blood pressure several times though because we got started our public library that is totally unresponsive to community needs and wishes). I usually have really low blood pressure, so when it's high he knows to either change the topic or do it over. HOWEVER, since 2002 I've gained 14 pounds, and 12 of that is since September 2003. I started blogging in October 2003. But also, I think that's the date the rec center where I walked in the morning closed for early morning walkers. Still, keeping your weight under control isn't rocket science as I've said maybe a hundred times: eat less, move more.

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Bonita said...

Blogging isn't fattening, eating food is! But, you're right, push away the food and the computer, and stretch. Thats my exercise program.