Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's a God thing

That's what serendipity is called at our church. I was asked to help with a new member breakfast (they don't usually let me in the kitchen, so maybe everyone else was busy), and I thought it might be a good way to meet new people, so I agreed. I'd fogotten that UALC offers chef quality meals--it wasn't just your usual Lutheran coffee and donuts--it was home made biscuits, crisp bacon, egg casserole, coffee cake, mounds of fresh fruit, three kinds of juice, coffee and tea. So leftovers will be our supper tonight!

I joined one of the tables and met 3 people joining 2 services at Lytham, and 4 people joining 2 services at Mill Run. While I was asking David (whom I know from exercise class) about the memory problem with my almost new computer, Gary, one of the other church servers, over heard us and handed me his card. He owns a computer parts and repair service, CPRS, Inc.! How great is that! After chatting a bit while cleaning up, I found out he does the computer work for a lot of individuals and businesses I know--some of whom I thought would be doing their own. Also, he served in Haiti with my husband on the mission team.

I haven't even called him yet, but since I don't know anyone else to recommend, his e-mail is His card says he'll remove viruses, setup a custom arrangement or network, hardware and software upgrades, databack up and recovery, HDTV setup and calibration, and if you go to his web site,, he has a free video for the technically challenged. And he's pretty darn good in the kitchen, too.

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