Sunday, October 03, 2010

Obama and Afghanistan

Remember when Democrats were trying to destroy Bush's credibility with our allies by showing the lack of a unified commitment in Iraq by claiming Afghanistan was the good war, the right war, the war of necessity, the central front in the war on terror? Yes, and Candidate Obama jumped on that train, until the surge worked, and the war became a non-issue during the 2008 election. He can go all over the country, from backyard barbeque to left wing campus, complaining about Republicans blocking his brilliant ideas, but can't deliver a decent address on the War in Afghanistan--his war of choice, a war where's he's told the enemy his plans for withdrawal. He's left it up to Rolling Stone and Bob Woodward to fight his battles for him. Is there any doubt about his plans for our country?

Charles Krauthammer - Why is Obama sending troops to Afghanistan?

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