Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How to Gruberize the African American

About 97% of blacks who voted in 2008 voted for Barack Obama, who in turn bailed out banks, made a fantastic deal with insurance companies that promised them 30 million more customers, frolicked with the stars and celebrities, took lavish vacations, and golfed a lot. Now 6 years later, race relations have never been worse, young black men still have terrible unemployment and Obama is opening up new jobs for illegals. To look like he cares, he invites Al Sharpton to a big muc...kety muck meeting on police violence. Al owes us Americans about $4.5 million in back taxes. So I guess that makes him an expert on crime. Also violence in the black community has dropped dramatically in the last 2 decades while rates in white communities remained flat due to some tough laws and policing, but Obama's AG Eric Holder wants to stop "profiling" and let more criminals run loose in black communities because the arrest rates for black thugs is just too high. Black voters have been Grubered.


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