Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A guide for parents

The full title of this “What you can do to stop the promotion of homosexuality in our schools; a guide for parents, students and communities” was found this morning when cleaning my bookshelves.  I have no idea when I picked it up, and there’s no copyright date, but judging from the dates of resources, I’d guess about 2002.  Many websites listed.  However, it’s pretty clear this battle has been lost, at least since the President “came out of the closet” in 2012 whereas before he supported marriage.  (It’s recently been revealed that he lied in 2008 to keep the black vote.)

Somehow, support for marriage and the promotion of homosexuality has become conflated.  So these days, if a parent were to object to any of these tactics, he would be called homophobic, a bully, and probably risk having the child expelled.

Tactics brochure


Anonymous said...

I saw a cartoon on the net today. It was a nice picture of Tina Fey saying "If I'm homosexual I'm not going to ring your doorbell and try to convert you, That's The Jehovah Witnesses'.

Norma said...

Talk about conflation.