Sunday, May 24, 2015

Meet Lawrence O’Donnell, proud to be a liberal liar

Brandon Weber's photo.

This guy sure doesn't know his American history. Republicans were the champions of blacks and voting rights. Democrats fought them all the way--with the KKK, btw. They didn't end segregation--they furthered it until someone realized blacks vote, at least when Democrats allowed them. It wasn't liberals who got women the right to vote, it was women of all parties and philosophies, thank you very much. And they were already voting in the state and local elections. Liberals have contributed to the destruction of over 50 million Americans, 38% of them black, and half of them female, by advocating abortion as a "health" plan. All major social programs up to Obamacare which was just theft from the private sector, had full support of both parties. Neither party should brag on the War on Poverty which both have supported because it has left the poor wounded and victimized. None could have been passed without Republican support. Wear your badge proudly, Mr. O'Donnell, but you win no prize for truth telling.

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