Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New look in the cottage kitchen

Last July there was a terrific rain storm in Lakeside, and although the interior windows were closed, the outside storm over the kitchen sink was not and water filled up in the well, ran down inside the wall, out on to the floor, and actually dampened the counter top under the Formica, causing bubbling.  So we hired a contractor, selected a new color, and had the tops replaced.  The finishing work has been very unsatisfactory with a very odd piece of trim added (not in these photos), so like our Columbus changes, it will appear to drag on for awhile until the contractor decides to fix it.

Lakeside kitchen 2015

This week-end we also replaced the microwave, and made more space for food preparation. It’s not that I do a lot of cooking there, but I seem to do more there than in Columbus. Gave me a good excuse to clean out all the cabinets with the flotsam and jetsam of 25 years.  Now I have empty space.  I wish I could get this done in Columbus!

The stove is only about 2 years old, replacing the 50 something that was there.  It’s a good example of penny wise and pound foolish; for another $20 I could have had a door with glass and a temperature gauge that actually worked, but I bought bottom of the appliance barrel. Always buy mid-price with the fewest bells and whistles—I knew that, but let the price influence me.

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