Monday, May 04, 2015

The gender gap in reading

Yes, there's a gender gap--in reading. And it is world wide, highest in Finland despite the praise for its school system. Not to worry though. It goes away in adulthood. Let’s hope we don’t spend too much tax money trying to fix it.

The gender gap is large, worldwide, and persistent through the K-12 years. What should be done about it? Maybe nothing. As just noted, the gap seems to dissipate by adulthood. Moreover, crafting an effective remedy for the gender gap is made more difficult because we don’t definitely know its cause. Enjoyment of reading is a good example. Many commentators argue that schools should make a concerted effort to get boys to enjoy reading more. Enjoyment of reading is statistically correlated with reading performance, and the hope is that making reading more enjoyable would get boys to read more, thereby raising reading skills.

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