Thursday, May 21, 2015

Islamic TV in Columbus

I watched a segment on our Islamic channel this morning about dawah, or proselytizing/preaching and offering an invitation. The speaker said 1) Listening is the key to establishing a relationship, then 2) thank the person for his question no matter how abusive and misinformed because that disarms the hate. Since both Muslims and Christians are learning the same messaging techniques, let's hope the message of salvation is different.

In another segment, the speaker had a red, white, blue ball cap with stars and stripes, and long white beard, a Midwestern good ol’ boy accent, and explained how to tangle Christians in their own misinformation about their own religion as they are led to Islam. Culture awareness swings both ways.

Also, there was religious leader advising parents on their children's marriages--good English, accented, alternating with phrases in Arabic, and I think he was speaking from Sri Lanka, but is U.S. based. He warned them--there are plenty of good women, few good men of character and honesty. He suggested they stop seeking the perfect mate for their daughters--we don't live in the same culture of even 10 years ago. Don't tolerate long engagements--just a reason for sex and unhappiness for your daughters. Sometimes abortions. He counsels them and hears what their parents don't. He railed against social media--Twitter and Facebook--and said the only reason he used it was to promote Islam, but that their children could be led astray.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

In terms of controlling your girls and women, yes it sounds familiar. Sounds a lot like fundamental Christians, AKA The Duggers and others of the same ilk.

Norma said...

Some things do sound similar, although I've never heard of Christians mutilating the genitals of women, covering their faces, or killing their daughters for dating men outside the religion. I suppose it's a matter of scale, like some Christian women also dress pretty close to prostitute level even though they would never dream they look that way. It just seems so to me. Also, fundamentalist refers to theology--virgin birth, diety of Jesus, miracles, bodily resurrection, and although the Koran recognizes Jesus as a prophet, not sure the Muslims hold to those fundamentals.