Sunday, May 24, 2015

It’s just a couple of paragraphs, but tells volumes

“Rancor and polarization in Washington are nothing new, and indeed are deeply rooted. Psychologists have noted that hard conservatives tend to be traditionalists predisposed to maintaining the status quo at almost all cost, while extreme left-leaners want and demand “change.” In other words, the far left lives for change; for traditionalists, it’s a four-letter word. Is it any wonder they can’t get along?

You can see this in liberals’ well-intended idealism about income equality and other social progress, without regard for the financial consequences. You can see it in conservatives’ unrelenting cries for an unfettered free market, without regard to the social consequences. Nothing gets done when these two unmovable sides cling to their extreme views. “

Think about these words.  Exactly who are the “extreme left-leaners?”

  • Communist, anarchists, Occupiers, Black Power elitists and angry atheists.  They kill people.  They put them in prison.

And who are “traditionalists who want the status quo” for whom change is a 4 letter word.  

  • Almost no one I can think of.  Certainly not the Tea Party who are not a party, have never killed anyone, and are looking for and promising change; not libertarians who are primarily whiners, morally whip lashed by abortion and gay marriage and also have never killed or imprisoned anyone, and definitely not Republicans who are spineless and almost without any virtue. You can’t even throw capitalists into that bag because that would be millionaires like the Clintons and the Kardashians.

The author of those paragraphs (don’t know his affiliation, but I’m guessing he’s a capitalist who votes Democrat) is in charge of an obesity think tank who seems to think responsibility for fat America is either big food or big government or both, and if they’d just work together, we’d all be healthier.  Well, I’ve lost a lot of weight in my life time, and I know neither one is responsible for my putting it on, nor did they assist in my taking it off.

We don’t need a single purchase of processed or packaged food to add weight and calories.  You just need a delicious recipe, frequent eating out, and lots of couch sitting.

Hank Cardello

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And I don’t for a minute believe that leftist organizations and non-profits want a healthier America.  They just want food corporations out of business. But then I’m a conservative.

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