Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Economic recovery did more than Obamacare

“The RAND Corporation has published a thorough analysis of Obamacare's effect on health insurance that should have put an end to the Obamacare success narrative. Unfortunately, too many continue to confuse the effect of the delayed recovery with Obamacare. What the RAND study really shows is that employer-based benefits have been restored as jobs have started to come back.

The headline is that 172.7 million people, ages 18-64, are covered in 2015, versus only 155.8 million in 2013. The number of uninsured dropped by 16.9 million from 42.7 million to 25.8 million, falling from 21.5 percent to 13.0 percent of the population in that age group.

However, the RAND survey examines people insured or uninsured at a point in time, reporting changes from September 2013 through February 2015. The good news is the number of people with employer-based benefits increased by 8 million, from 111.9 million to 119.9 million (The total population is adjusted for death, aging and migration over the period.) Digging deeper, it looks like this improvement would have been much higher, but for Obamacare.”



Anonymous said...

A devious and intentional distortion of the Rand report.

The source you cite is the National Center for Policy Analysis, a right wing 'think tank' funded by the likes of the Koch Bros. and Exxon Mobile.
Founded decades ago by wealthy right wing crackpots, it's widely known that the NCPA's top policy objectives are cutting taxes for the rich, denying climate science and privatizing Social Security and Medicare (as well as education, the EPA and criminal justice).
Oh, and of course eliminating the estate tax for multimillionaires and billionaires.

How about we simply present to your readers what the Rand Study actually states -

"Insurance coverage has increased across all types of insurance since the major provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act took effect, with a net total of 16.9 million people becoming newly enrolled through February 2015, according to a new RAND Corporation study...
..“The Affordable Care Act has greatly expanded health insurance coverage, but it has caused little change in the way most previously-covered Americans are getting health insurance coverage,” said Katherine Carman, the study's lead author and an economist at RAND,..
..RAND researchers say the findings that the biggest gain in coverage was from employer-sponsored insurance runs counter to predictions (by Right Wing fear mongers) that many employers may quit offering insurance in response to the Affordable Care Act.."

Norma said...

Looks clear to me. If you only read and trust leftist, socialist pro-Obama sources, what's the point of reading my blog? He's right and you're wrong (left).

Anonymous said...

why not listening to those that take the time to read you rather than telling them off-they are always wrong- surely they can't be.

Anonymous said...

goodness reader that don't agree can't all bewrong..How dare they disagree just like he "Fair and Balance" gig.

Norma said...

I'm sure you know (anon 3:12) what you intended to say, but it's a mystery to me.