Monday, May 18, 2015

Exercise for body, mind and spirit

My exercycle is in my office. I try to use it 35-45 minutes a day, in 1 mile segments--which is about 6 minutes, 24 calories. I've learned to walk around some after each so I don't irritate my bursitis. But I really don't like exercise, never have, so I look through the worship bulletin (Lutheran) and select a hymn or two, Google it with the words You Tube. Sometimes it's just audio, but that's really what I want. That way I'm helping body, mind (hearing but not reading is terribly challenging for me) and spirit; a good way to start the day. This morning I found instruction on The Athanasian Creed. That may be more than I wanted to know and it's 19 minutes--good for 3 miles.

If we say this creed once a year at UALC: Upper Arlington Lutheran Church I'd be surprised. It's difficult, long, theological and quite dogmatic. Those qualities make it challenging for 21st century Christians who prefer to clap, swing and sway during worship.

The narrator/scholar seems to want no inconsistencies, nothing illogical, no paradoxes, everything linear, in other words, very 20th century. I prefer to think it a wonderful statement/summary of 4th-5th c. Christianity, one it wouldn't hurt to review from time to time.

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