Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The President has discovered the poor

The President of the U.S. has just discovered poverty—for his entire presidency he’s focused on the middle class.  And he thinks if he could just get a few more percentage points from the wealthiest Americans he could "invest" their money in that pre-school program--you know the one--sort of like Head Start I suppose which even government studies say have never benefitted kids for 50 years. Never mind that Democrats since 1964 have been claiming more money will eliminate poverty while they pocket a lot of it on the pass through to the poor.

I have a better idea, Mr. President. All rich Democrats, say those in the top 5% like the Obamas, Holders, Clintons, Kennedys, Pelosis, Reids, etc. could just fire their tax accountants and pay taxes without taking advantage of all the deductions the rich get that the poor don't--donations for foundations, art museums and political causes (like the Clintons), real estate taxes, business and investment loses, costs of doing business, etc. That should bring in enough to at least run a few model preschools in Democrat-run cities with Democrat mayors in states with Democrat governors--like Baltimore.

Also President Obama thinks the wealthy of America won some sort of luck lottery and should start paying more (they already pay most of the taxes in our progressive tax system) so the government can invest their money for them. Has anyone told him Brin (Google) was an immigrant from Russia where his father was denied opportunity by the Communist government because he was a Jew, or that Jobs (Apple) was a college dropout with dyslexia adopted at birth by a middle income couple? Perhaps it is luck to grow up in a capitalist country within a good family-- so maybe Obama could be more positive about those things instead of tearing down achievers. What gives him the right to impugn the intelligence and hard work of others?

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