Friday, May 08, 2015

Our kitchen counter top

The news is good--and if it actually happens and I find out the name of the supplier, I'll certainly give them a plug. At the end of February the final touch on our kitchen after months of hassle about 3 new appliances, and a mishap on paint color choice, was new quartz counter top. I'd had marble (don't ever chose that), and granite requires too much care, so quartz seemed the perfect, if expensive, answer, for worry free cooking. After it was installed we found tiny imperfections in... about 6 places. The contractor was mystified; said he'd never seen it before. The supplier sent out an inspector. Now the supplier to that supplier has said they will reinstall, at no cost, not even for the first one, and will reimburse the contractor. So essentially, we'll have a quartz counter top free. . . assuming this all happens. . . and we have been waiting 2 months for it to be resolved.

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