Monday, May 11, 2015

What’s in the Yogurt?

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Let’s avoid for this post (and maybe all posts) GMO, pesticides and happy, contented non-Holstein cows free roaming in green pastures.  I have before me Dannon All natural plan nonfat yogurt (grade A)  and Yoplait plain nonfat yogurt (no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners also Grade A).  I’m not a huge fan of yogurt, but sometimes will use it to cut dressings or add to fruit instead of milk.

Yoplait is made from grade A pasteurized nonfat milk and contains corn starch, gelatin, pectin, Vit. A acetate, Vit. D3 and has 130 calories per cup, zero from fat.

Dannon is made from cultured grade A nonfat milk and pectin. It is 100 calories per cup, zero from fat.

Percentages listed: Yoplait has more sodium, less potassium; both have 12 grams of protein. Then it gets a little complicated as amounts are listed only in percentage.  Yoplait has added vitamin A and D.  Dannon has a higher percentage of Calcium and Phosphorus (probably because it has less filler) and lists some B vitamins which Yoplait doesn’t.

Pectin is a fiber found in fruits and is used in many medicines. “Cornstarch and pectin act as thickening agents, making the yogurt creamier. Kosher gelatin also adds texture to the yogurt. It is often assumed that kosher gelatin is derived from a vegetarian source; however, contrary to common belief, it may also be derived from animal or dairy. Unless a product specifies that its kosher gelatin is derived from a vegetarian source, such as carob beans or agar agar, it may contain animal or dairy products.” (

I’ll go with Dannon in the future.

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