Thursday, October 22, 2015

Biden’s Rose Garden announcement

Joe Biden was all over the rose garden with his announcement of not running for President in 2016 which sounded a lot like a campaign speech. Like all Democrats, 

  • he decried big money in political campaigns even when Hillary is the big money draw--$118 million in the first 3 quarters, plus the scam she calls the Clinton foundation;
  • he said it was a shame to stop at 14 years of education, and we should go for 16, which is odd when 1 out of 5 don't finish the compulsory 12--why not finish that goal first--why not let poor black kids go to charter schools instead of blocking them;
  • he moaned about divisiveness in Congress when he is the President of the Senate as Vice President of the country;
  • he says our income gap is not sustainable--which in Democrat lingo means don't move up middle class, move down upper income.
  • Pumping up the Obama legacy—that may be the real purpose of his non-campaign.

There seemed to be subtle digs at Hillary Clinton.  Maybe he’s leaving the door open to run, just in case Obama hasn’t killed the FBI investigation and she isn’t exposed as a crook, criminal and traitor.

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