Thursday, October 08, 2015

Government can take away what it first gives

Catholic schools have a 99% graduation rate and 97% go on to advanced schooling; much higher than public schools. (In Ohio, Cleveland about 66%; Columbus about 78% graduate.) And it goes beyond excellent academics--religious based schools include agreed upon values. That said, I really don't like government subsidies for private and religious schools. Technically, it’s not aid--it’s reimbursement for auxiliary services to comply with government (at all levels) mandates. Private schools also receive bus transportation and I think on Lake Erie they get transportation to the mainland for high school just like public school students. And yes, I know these schools actually save the taxpayer money, first by graduating good students, and second by relieving pressure in local schools. Still, if you accept the money, you have to accept the consequences of dancing with the one who brought (or bought) you.

The government has forced Catholics out of the adoption business by denying funding on which it had become dependent because they won’t place children in gay families, and it is pushing the hospitals to perform abortions.  Promoting a social agenda is more important than a child’s well being or a patient’s health. It wants to close down nursing homes run by nuns if they won’t comply with contraception mandates for staff, and it’s only a matter of time before that includes abortion.


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