Saturday, October 03, 2015

Journey Home

When the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I like to tune into “Journey Home” with Marcus Grodi, host.  A former Presbyterian pastor, he interviews in a very calm and soothing voice people of various faiths who have converted to Catholicism, or have returned to Catholicism after a life time away from the church.  Certain stories have similar elements:  the guest almost always has had a good Christian upbringing and family, lost their faith or drifted in college, married, had a family, some life changing events, worked through a variety of church experiences, joined a variety of churches, and eventually “comes home.”  Often, it is through reading the church fathers and finding out how true to the Bible the early church was. Occasionally, it’s a direct encounter with the Holy Spirit. Today was a former Episcopalian and paramedic (recorded Sept. 28)  who did ice rescues in an earlier life, now a Roman Catholic Deacon and a nurse practitioner.

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