Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Will he ever run out of left wing causes?

About 8 years ago I met the sweetest 11 year old boy.  He was just adorable.  We were taking a class together at Lakeside. He was really too young, but was so talented and precocious the teacher just overlooked the age requirement. Over the years I’d see him at his cottage and we’d wave and speak.  His parents got a divorce, but the cottage stayed with one of him, so my friend continued to enjoy the lake.  He didn’t seem to change much physically—always seemed to look like he was a fresh face kid, even though I figured he must at least be a junior or senior in high school.  I came across him on Facebook and friended him a few years ago. He had a few interests he posted occasionally—nothing unusual for a teen age boy.

He’s now in college.  Long stringy hair, no longer blond. He comments on every far left cause imaginable.  Pro-Palestine.  Anti-Columbus Day. Protesting against rape culture on his college campus. Demanding changes for climate change.  White privilege. Empty the racist prisons.

Gee, I hope he grows up soon.  This is almost like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

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Anonymous said...

He was probably a perfectly normal kid until his professors got a hold of him.