Sunday, October 04, 2015

Feast of St. Francis.

Many churches in the United States celebrate the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4 each year. The feast commemorates the life of St Francis, who was born in the 12th century and is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment. It is a popular day for pets to be “blessed”. Many liturgical churches also commemorate this day. The concern for the earth didn’t begin on Earth Day—it began in Genesis.

There’s a movie (1961) about St. Francis on You Tube. I think I saw it a few years ago. I started watching it this morning, but will need to mark it for view later.

From IMBd review:

Francis Bernardone (Bradford Dillman) is the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in Assisi, who gives up all his worldly goods to dedicate himself to God. Clare (Dolores Hart) is a young aristocratic woman who, according to the film, is so taken with St. Francis that she leaves her family and becomes a nun. By this time (1212 A.D.), St. Francis has a well-established reputation for his vows of poverty. The movie goes on to note miracles (such as the appearance of the stigmata on Francis's hands and feet) and other aspects of his life, up to and including his death on October 3, 1226.

In real life, as opposed to reel life, Dolores Hart does become a nun.

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