Friday, October 23, 2015

The Hillary Benghazi hearings

I've watched some of the hearings.  It seems to me the only questions should be why lies were told after the event about a video (Ambassador Rice and President Obama need to answer for that) and what's in the e-mails. If it was a tragic mistake as Clinton claims I can understand that.  But why did the government need to lie on the eve of the election? Was his position that fragile?  Plus some poor YouTube film maker went to jail. However, since the e-mail crimes were uncovered late and were outside the committee, don't know if that can be a part of it.

The blindness of Clinton/Obama supporters and even RINOs to their crimes tells me that the U.S. is at the same level as 3rd world dictators covering up their misdeeds, but maybe not as clever. And the solution for some Republicans the other side--elect a TV reality star/real estate mogul--also sounds like we've all gone 'round the bend.

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