Thursday, October 29, 2015

Do good by doing well

I received a notice today that my investment advisor had purchased 10,000  bond shares in a company I'd never heard of so I researched it. (Another purchase notice was stock in Ford, but that company I understand.) Even after reading what it does (semiconductor equipment and yield management system) I didn't understand.  What I did understand is that one of the founders (Tencor) was a Czech immigrant who left a Communist country and became successful in the United States. After poking around the internet I found a physics post doctoral fellowship named for him (died in the 90s), employees volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, grant for superior papers by young STEM students, and a foundation to support the children of his employees in college.  The company KLA-Tencor is involved in a number of “good works.”  Doing good while doing well.  It’s the capitalist way.

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