Friday, October 30, 2015

Islam: What the West Needs Know.

Documentary film

Peaceful, moderate Muslims are not following the tenets of Islam.  Even violent Muslims think they are peaceful—Islam is dedicated to establishing the faith in the world, and is therefore peaceful, even if people have to be killed.  The “verse of the sword” makes all other verses null and void. Kill them when you see them, wherever you find them (Christians and Jews).

Abrogation  in the Koran means later verses counseling Holy War, such the Sword Verse abrogate earlier verses counseling tolerance and peace .  When Westerners quote the peaceful verses, they ignore that they have been replaced.

There is no assurance of heaven, unless one dies as a martyr during jihad. Islam does not forbid suicide—and they don’t see it that way since the intention is to kill others.

Jihad means struggle. There are 164 verses in the Koran and many in the Hadith on jihad


They know how to use our rights with full knowledge they will try to destroy those rights.

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