Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sounds like my mom


My mother (1912-2000) had this attitude about all housekeeping skills, and particularly was careful to look nice when Dad came home from work. When I think back to some of the complex outfits she made for her four children, I think this must have been part of the routine. Her mother had used a dressmaker or shopped in Chicago, so Mom didn’t learn sewing as a child, but it was necessary when the children came along during the Depression.  We even had little dresses made from feed sack fabric. I never had a holiday or prom dress bought from a store—Mom made them all, a pale green organdy, the pink crystalline below (from my sister’s wedding) and a two piece with green linen top and white flocked skirt with pink flowers.  She made my blue silk going away dress for my wedding (I had started it, but didn’t use the advice from Singer, and she had to finish it).

Bridesmaid dress pink2

1955 bridesmaid dress, also prom 1956; my sister Carol had the same dress in yellow, and Mom made the wedding dress (which I then wore in 1960)

Fifth grade dress b

Dolls from the 1940s which I still have.

Little man

My brother Stan in cover-alls made from my father’s military clothes

Simplicity 6809

Pattern of one of my favorite aprons I wore for 40 years made by Mom

Norma 1957 graduation

My high school graduation dress which included a jacket

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