Saturday, October 03, 2015

News junkie

Yes, that would be me. We don’t get a newspaper (Columbus Dispatch is mostly advertising), but I see several on line, but only see the articles that are are pre –selected for me by some sort of algorithm.

Online versions of print/paper sources (most are left of center in editorial content, except WSJ, which is liberal in news coverage)

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

New York Times

Columbus Dispatch

LA Times

USA Today (rarely)

Investor’s Business Daily

Online only news sources

Newsmax (conservative)

Huffington Post (liberal)

Daily Beast (liberal)

Vox (liberal

National Review Online (conservative)

Slate (liberal)

TV news

Fox News

World Over (EWTN)

local news channels in Columbus (or Lakeside)

ABC, NBC, CBS occasionally, usually in the morning, or on the kitchen TV which has no cable.

Opinion shows, either radio or TV or internet

Teresa Tomeo (EWTN)

Michael Medved

Dennis Prager

Rush Limbaugh

Glenn Beck

Think Tanks

Manhattan Institute (conservative)

Brookings (liberal)

Ethics and public policy (conservative)

Blogs and Facebook

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