Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chasing the millennial generation--a how to

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Just Google "church attract millennials" and you'll find
  • 5 ways, 
  • 10 ways, 
  • why they don't,
  •  how to attract, 
  • what they want, 
  • why we need them, and 
  • where are they. 
And you'll also read nonsense, and appeals to buy a how-to book. 
  • First, you need a very loud band, 
  • second, casual attire like torn jeans and t-shirts, then
  • no (apparent) theology (although it's there), 
  • dramatic presentations highly entertaining, 
  • something called transparency (which usually isn't there), and 
  • if your church is growing, you probably have post modern architecture, or a repurposed building that doesn't look like a church, and 
  • very important to pull it all together is a minister/pastor with a terrific personality who has no discernible credentials or ties to any church of the past or recognizable to their boomer grandparents because "non-denominational" sounds better to them. 
  • And even though there are thousands of service/ministry opportunities already asking for their help, start something new they can support.
That's a quick summary, and I just skimmed the highlights. The Gen-X generation has hit 55 and the boomers are in their 70s, so every church is looking for millennials.

Imagine Jesus' apostles starting off with this check list.

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