Friday, January 08, 2016

Yes, George W. Bush was a better president

But he wasn't a Conservative.  Many of the things the left complains about as failures of Republicans were already taken care of when Bush became president, or had Republican support. Millions who didn't have Medicaid or sCHIP were eligible for those government health programs, and didn't sign up. Millions of healthy young adults passed on employer based insurance, preferring more pizza and beer rather than a co-pay. Obama saw that loophole to total government control and solved it by threatening fines and jail if a citizen didn't have health insurance.
Obama has given us ISIS and a Middle East in total collapse and a renewed Russian Bear. All presidents inherit the problems of the previous one.  Bush was handed a complicated mountain of intelligence from the Clinton administration guaranteeing there absolutely were WMD; that's why when we went to war, he had such strong backing from Democrats. Even Pelosi and Reid. They'd all seen the intelligence, too. Edwards and Kerry and Gore ran on that belief in the 2000 campaign. Bush had no access to that stuff and said little during the campaign, preferring domestic issues and education (until Obama, he was the biggest spender).
Obama wins in 2008 and inherits a war that is essentially over (and would have been over years before if Democrats hadn’t turned tail and run), but since he ran on that, he had to  muck up the withdrawal. His sympathies are often with the Muslims, although the Shiia and Sunni sure don't seem to care much for each other. Under Obama's watch, religious minorities in the middle east have all but been wiped out—100 years ago Christians were about 20% of Iran, Iraq, Syria and others, but there were many others, too, including Samaritans, Zoroastrians, Yazidi--yes, and Jews who’d been there for thousands of years--but he doesn't want them to come to the USA, preferring instead Muslims fleeing Muslims who believe in Sharia, and letting the fundamentalist Muslims forcibly “convert” them. 
Obama wants to punish and change America, and and you never saw that with Bush for all his faults.  What better way to accomplish this than importing people who hate western values and standards? Killing gays and oppressing women is OK with those who scream sexism and homophobia, except in the face of Islam. Bake a cake and go to jail; but kill gay lovers, and it will just be a cultural practice if you are an immigrant.

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