Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Memories--Judgment Day

One time at the Meier's check out, the Muslim clerk told me that he had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, and they would sometimes argue with him on the right thing to do. The winner would determine his entry to paradise (like Christians, they believe in a judgment day of resurrection from the dead). If his bad deeds outweighed the good, he'll fall into hell. I had a similar problem today. Should I go back to Macy's and buy the dress I saw on Thursday, don't need, but didn't buy?

Melissa said, "If you find a dress that fits and looks good, you buy it whether you need it or not."  Paula opined, "I don't tell myself I can't have whatever thing I want... I just say to self, wait a bit. Many times the want was slight and disappears."  And then Sue, "If you go back and it's there, you should get it. Especially if it's on sale for a good price!"

So I went back. It's only about 7.5 miles to Tuttle Mall.  While I was at the cashier station I asked if there were coupons (yes) and if I used my Macy's card was there a discount (yes). So the on sale $79 dress cost $17. Deal.  I chatted with another customer and we were bemoaning the fact there really wasn't anywhere to wear a nice dress. She said she was shopping for a wedding, but it was on a Dude Ranch, so she wouldn't be dressing up.

 This obviously is not a photo of me, but is from the Macy's page.  Just wish it were about 6" longer.  If it doesn't look good, well, it's a week of coffee at Panera's.

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Paula said...

Heh, that was a great deal! Love the blue dress you posted. I don't mind a shorter dress, but I do want my arms and neck covered so I won't freeze. (Yes, even here. Except for the actual summer, I'm always cold.) I can always wear tights and boots, plus a cozy scarf. :)