Thursday, January 14, 2016

State of the Union Happy Talk

While telling us what a great job his administration was doing in the SOTU, the mayors of 22 cities had a different story. "MAYORS’ HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS REPORT CITES INCREASED DEMAND IN EMERGENCY SERVICES AS ECONOMIC RECOVERY LAGS." 66% of the survey cities reported requests for emergency food assistance increased over the past year. Among people requesting, low wages were cited as the biggest reason for hunger. 58% of the cities reported an increase in homelessness. How can this be when the recession was "over" in June 2009 and unemployment is about 5%?

I avoided Tuesday night's fantasy spin called the SOTU by the POTUS, and I avoided turning on the TV and radio in the morning so I wouldn't have to hear the analyses and audio clips. But while I was at the supermarket, I glanced down at the newspaper rack. There was his smiling face with headlines positive, but the other papers had front page stories about ISIS, Iran, and an 11.5% increase in health care for Ohio government workers, record high.

He lies, he lies. If his eyes are darting side to side and he is stammering, he's lying.


Anonymous said...

good job hide head in sand only listen to your side makes well informed voter

Norma said...

There's no reason to listen. 1) He lies; 2) it's all rehashed for 48 hours and then everyone moves one 3) the audio clips are enough--cut the angry looks and his insults to people who don't share his policies.