Friday, January 01, 2016

Mrs. Miller's jams, jellies and noodles

No, not THAT Mrs. Miller, but the one in Fredericksburg, Ohio.
Morgan's Natural Foods's photo.
I can buy this product at Marc's, but it also is on-line and is often sold at Farmers' Markets and food fairs.  This morning I had a bowl of fat free yogurt topped with a few spoonfuls of Mrs. Miller's Apple Butter (which is about half the calories of jam).  There's a wide variety on line for purchase, including many sugarless.  Also noodles, peanut butter spreads, and drink mixes.

In Ohio, just about everyone claims to have Amish roots, but this one really does.

Esther Miller had 13 siblings and learned her techniques and recipes from her mother.  For years the business was in the Miller home, and as of 2013 has a new, modern facility.  Mr. and Mrs. Miller are still involved, but now their children run the business.

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