Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hillary enabled and protected her husband--for political gain

“Bill Clinton was not just a workplace harasser, or even a serial adulterer; he was, and remains, someone credibly accused of sexual assault. And what goes unmentioned — for this obviously could be catastrophic for Hillary’s campaign — is that she has been his willing cohort, the energetic enabler who sought to destroy his accusers to protect their joint political and financial interests ... the Clintons have [turned] their fellow liberals and Democrats, in ...the media and beyond ... into serial equivocators and liars. Never mind that progressives continue to see (and often define) themselves as morally and ethically superior: in the fight to save Bill Clinton’s presidency there could be no adherence to larger truths, or moral consistency, or commitment to time-tested standards; all were sacrificed in defense of Clinton’s political survival.”


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