Friday, January 08, 2016

Visiting the Spine, Sport and Joint Center

 McConnell Spine, Sport, and Joint Center - Columbus, OH, United States. Courtesy

 I had the opportunity to be treated at the lovely McConnell Spine, Sport & Joint Center this morning. Really nice DO, Jason Dapore. I saw this book in his exam room. 2nd ed., so the 1st would probably be cheaper. Becoming a Supple Leopard. Made me smile at the thought. I just want to be able to walk without limping.It was decided I would do the series of physical therapy exercises that I had for my right leg bursitis in 2014, plus so stretching and massaging for the calf pain.

I'm so loving the Electronic Medical Records mandate which we paid $30 billions for in HITECH Act. I've yet to have it ever be correct, whether in the network or outside the network. And good luck if you are outside your primary network--their systems don't talk to each other. Today I hand carried my printed records with me, and now looking over what they printed out to send home, they are using information quite dated. Have no idea where it came from . . . because the version I have was current last week. How would this office get records a year old? How many other medical bungle budget busters are out there because Washington knows how to run medical practices in Ohio? Zeke (Rahm's brother) Emanuel came up with this and there wasn't a shred of evidence it would save money or improve care. What a boon for the IT lobbies. And I haven't had a doctor look me in the eye since this nonsense started (unless they have an assistant who enters the information). 

Take notes; keep every piece of paper.

Politico has an article on how it has failed.  Yes, said it was Bush's fault.

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