Friday, January 08, 2016

Do black lives matter to politicians?

The murder rate within the black male population of Baltimore is about 156 per 100,000. But it was the Freddy Grey case in Baltimore that energized the Black Lives Matter movement after smaller efforts in 2013 and 2014.  Compare the Baltimore figure that to the national figure of 5 per 100,000. And what about abortion among the black population? For comparison: In 1970, according to a 2012 article in the Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City abortion rates for single white and black women stood at 7.43 and 10 respectively (the abortion rate is the number of abortions per 1,000 women ages 15-44), with the married women's rates half that. By 2005, the Baltimore rate was 86.2. The National Abortion Rights Action League, which cites that figure, did not provide the African-American rate, but it would be substantially higher. In New York City, for instance, Black and Hispanic abortions combined, is 73% of the total abortions in 2012.  If black lives matter in Baltimore, where's the evidence?

We know what brings down crime rates:  1)  arrest criminals, 2) more police going after crime, 3) jail time for criminals.  What is being proposed?  The Democrat Party--put the criminals back on the streets and tell police to back off.

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