Saturday, April 15, 2006

2385 The Gay Book Burners at Ohio State University

Tammy Bruce writes about the strange case of a librarian who submitted a list of titles for consideration, and it made a gay guy feel "unsafe" (Christian books), so he sued for sexual harassment. The left is losing it. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to read are in the deep freeze. What do you bet American Library Association won't come to this librarian's defense. Too busy distributing anti-Bush buttons.

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Camille said...

Know-nothing book banners come from all corners of the political, religious and social world. I have never understoon why "right wing conservatives" or "the religious right" gets all the slams when Intellectual Freedom is discussed. You can bet ALA will not make a sound about this. sigh.

Katherine said...

What?! That is so ridiculous. It actually reminds me of Tiger Woods just being forced to apologize for calling himself a "spaz" in reference to how he was putting during a tournament. Apparently, "spaz" is a derogatory word to people with physical disabilities although I've never heard that before. Probably many others haven't either including Tiger yet he had to apologize for it!