Monday, May 06, 2019

Book suggestions for 2019-2020

Our book club, which doesn’t have a name, was organized by a group of young mothers mostly who lived in Clintonville and attended Bethel Road Presbyterian Church in 1979.  So this fall, it will be 40 years old.  The babies are grown, most members are grandmothers, new members have joined (I joined in October 2000), others have moved out of the area. We are missionaries, librarians, school teachers, lawyers, administrators, volunteers, and of course, daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, widows and grannies.  Except for a few special occasions, we now meet in the afternoon instead of the evening and at Bethel Road Presbyterian where we have good parking and is centrally located for all but one of us. Part of the group split off and still meet in the afternoon.  In May we select our new books for the next September through May, and these are the suggested titles.  All looked good, so I’ve listed all, but starred the ones who got the votes.

**1. Becoming Mrs. Lewis, by Patti McCallahan  September 9  The marriage of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis.  Led by Bev

**2. The black ascot, by Charles Todd November 4  Inspector Ian Rutledge  Led by Justine

**3. Dream of death, by Connie Berry (local author) March 2 Murder mystery Led by Carolyn C.

4.  Beneath a scarlet sky, by Mark Sullivan.  Historical fiction.

5.  What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarity. Fiction, woman forgets a decade of her life

**6. Before we were yours, by Lisa Wingate, October 7, at Peggy’s, Historical fiction, stolen children placed for adoption. Led by Margie

**7. Road to dawn by Josiah Henson April 6  Real life story of slave who inspired Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Led by Gail

8.  Heavenly Man the story of Brother Yun, Chinese Christian.

9. Another kind of madness by Stephen Hinshaw.  Memoir of mental illness

10. White Rose by Kip Wilson, with We will not be silent.  WWII era historical fiction 

11. Road to Character by David Brooks  Thinkers and inspiring leaders

12.  Mrs. Mike by Benedict Freedman Love story set in Canada

**13. Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.  January 13.  Grimke sisters. Led by Peggy

**14. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. February 3. Unusual interesting people. Led by Carolyn A

**15. One of the Narnia stories—A Horse and his boy. At Carolyn A.’s home December 2.  Everyone shares in this one.

**16. Elephant whisperer by Lawrence Anthony. May 4.  Led by Peggy.

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Dan Nieman said...

Not familiar with most of your list, but my book club read Outliers a few years ago. It provided a good deal of discussion.