Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The battling deferments, Biden and Trump

Hugh Hewitt has an interesting take on Mayor Pete bringing up Trump's deferments 50 years ago as a way to denigrate him. It's a way, he said, to take out Biden by letting the press and social media do it. You see, Joe Biden had 5 deferments and the same classification as Trump, 1Y (called up only in a national emergency). That clown car is very crowded and someone needs to be thrown under the bus (pardon the mixed metaphors) and right now, Biden is riding high in the polls, and staying very quiet.

Democrats tried to go after Cheney on deferments, but never said anything about Presidents Clinton and Obama.  Obama didn’t need a deferment, but then he also didn’t serve in the military as we had an all volunteer military by then.

Most deferments were for education.  My husband had 3 for being in college and 2 for paternity.  But deferments weren’t fair, either.  He lived in a very large city; rural communities had a more difficult time giving deferments.  Then finally all married men were deferred, so maybe that’s 6.  Women were always deferred from the draft.

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