Wednesday, September 18, 2019

720,000,000 million women off to the salt mines

With Trump, we know who's in charge. If Biden were elected, who knows. Did you hear that child care proposal to put 720,000,000 women to work? Yikes. And at a union event.

Let's ignore the number which was more than twice our population, and look at child care tax credits. Currently it's $2,000 and Trump is doubling that for next year. Also, do you really know women who aren't working because of the tax credit? Of course not. The unemployment rate is ridiculously low now, and any qualified parent can name his/her price (his comment was also sexist). There are thousands of doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, teachers and academics who think they are better qualified to raise their children to school age, and that marriage and home are too important to give up for a tax credit. Besides, they want to stay home and listen to the record player.

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