Monday, September 23, 2019

Heavy marijuana use provides a lifetime of problems

"Study members with regular cannabis use and persistent dependence experienced downward socioeconomic mobility, more financial difficulties, workplace problems, and relationship conflict in early midlife."

Cerda, M., Moffitt, T.E., Meier, M.H., /Harrington, H. L., Houts, R., Ramrakha, S., Hogan, S., Poulton, R., Caspi, A. "Persistent cannabis dependence and alcohol dependence represent risks for midlife economic and social problems: A longitudinal cohort study" Clinical Psychological Science, 2016 . 

Study done on New Zealand middleclass ages 18-38 in longitudinal study. Dependent cannabis users ended up (at 38) in lower socio-economic rung than parents; non-users ended up higher. Although often they were also alcohol users, cannabis dependent have more financial and workplace problems than alcoholics.

I doubt this study is a surprise to those who have been around heavy marijuana users, but those who push legalization will find reasons to ignore. Easier to control citizens with dumb-downed brains and social status so society can be blamed.

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